Welcome to building the company's digital project roadmap!

It’s great that you found your own way to the roadmap! This roadmap is a tool to support you in developing or deploying your company’s digital solution, as well as bringing it into the company’s day-to-day operations.

The roadmap has been built based on the experiences of entrepreneurs in the Central Ostrobothnia region as well as researched information. We have examined how companies in the region have developed their operations by introducing various new digital solutions and how these development efforts have been successfully completed. This roadmap will guide you to consider your company’s development path towards a successful outcome. Whether it is your own app, an online store, a ready-made ‘turnkey’ solution or a brand-new innovation, this is the roadmap for you.

Comments and interviews from companies and entrepreneurs are included in the roadmap, from which you can also get new ideas for your own solution.